Supermarket Set Dress

Here are the actual pictures of the supermarket we are filming in, Bargain Buys in Aldershot. Here we can see that it adheres to my colour scheme of red and green, as well as the grey matches the workers uniforms.

The supermarket is very spacious, meaning I can play around with dead body positions and make the store look messy! It will also help the camera team with their equipment. The only thing I am concerned about is placing fake blood on the grey floors, I will have to find a way to make it not stain.

I want the shop to look trashed, people have been murdered so there would have been a struggle while this was going on. I want blood down the aisles and be slightly over exaggerated due to the script being comedic, I feel this will compliment the tone that Jade has gone for. It will give the film a stylised feel.


Costume for Ez Mart Workers

I decided that the workers in the supermarket should have a costume that will match the aesthetic of the shop. I wanted it to look real, so looked into costumes at shops in Farnham and nearly all had an embroided logo stitched into a polo shirt. To keep in line with my branding idea and colour scheme, I decided the polo shirt should be grey. Above is my process on how I got to the grey polo shirt, trying out different colours first. Another main reason is that these will have blood on them so it needs to show up, and grey will do this effectively.

This is the final design I have for the workers shirt, with the final logo. I feel it works well as the colours are vibrant against the grey polo shirt and the whole thing works with the Ez Mart brand. I had these shirts made via a shop on eBay to cut costs.