Budget Actual

budget actual

Here is the actual budget for Shopping Spree, detailing all the costs in the art department.


Branding the Supermarket

154179 banner.png

I made this banner for the supermarket to be displayed outside on the wall. I’ve kept it in line with the colour scheme of the supermarket, that being red and green. The logo is front and center to make the branding stronger. I looked into other shops branding and logo types and they all opt for a simplistic.

Looking into the logos for real, existing supermarkets, they tend to have one or two colours for the scheme and they all have their own unique colour. Ez Mart has the scheme of red and green, which other real supermarkets do not have.

I have tried to emulate this for Ez Mart, but gave it a little flare (in the top left corner) to make it feel more exciting. I want it to stand out, but also feel real. I feel like I have achieved this effectively with the logo and banners I created.

Office Set Dress

For the office, I want custom branded Ez Mart office stationary to be displayed throughout. This is because Valerie loves her supermarket, and I want the shop to be fully branded and kitted out, so having their own merchandise definitely helps with this goal.

These will be scattered around the desk in the scene where they review the security footage. I feel having these props will make the supermarket feel real. My goal is to make this set feel like it could exist in the real world.