Warehouse Set Dress

Here are some visual references I used in order to create a set design for the warehouse scene in the supermarket. I wanted to have tall rackings for the stock to sit on and for a dead body to be placed in. It would also make the set have more of a variety in terms of visuals for the camera department and they can play around with it. I also visualise the center of the warehouse having lots of stock, pallets, crates for the characters to walk around in and have their dialogue and scenes. I feel having the stock pilled up in the middle will fill up the room better and make it look interesting and not as bland.

I will use boxes to fill up dead space and walls. The set will be used a lot in the film as a lot of it is set in this warehouse, and due to it being set over 15 minutes, minimal locations, the places we do use need to be very interesting to compliment the dialogue, actions and keep audiences engaged.


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