Understanding the Script

Shopping Spree 20.01 (1)

The film is a horror-comedy that is meant to be spread over the time span of 15 minutes – so it is in real time. There are 7 characters, Valerie, Byron, Jane, Pamela, Stacey, Nick and Ashir. One of them is the killer and they have to work out who it is. Here are the notes I took.

Valerie: She is the store manager, she is in charge of running the place. She is a bit timid, but quickly grabs control of the group and tries to help them discover who the killer is. She comes across slightly suspicious due to the way she runs the shop. She also looks after Byron, her employee.

Byron: He is the shops cleaner. He is strange and creepy. Byron likes to clean mess, and can’t leave any.

Jane: Jane is a wannabe celebrity. She is in her late 20s and wants to be an actress really bad. She is willing to go any lengths to achieve this. Jane is very confident, pretty, fashionable and likes to play a character.

Pamela: She is a pagan, oldest women in the group. She is hot tempered and judgemental. She is not afraid to speak up and accuse others in the group. Very rude to others, especially Ashir. She is quirky and strange.

Stacey & Nick: They are dating each other. They are both young, fashionable and edgy. They have a strange relationship and get aggressive to each other and very argumentative.

Ashir: He is the quiet member of the group, other than Byron. He blends into the background but defends himself when necessary.

The script is set in a supermarket. The place will be messy and crazy. There are 3 locations needed, which are supermarket shop floor, warehouse and office. The set needs to be authentic.

Each character needs to have their own personal spin and persona. The costume is important in aiding this. Pamela and Jane stand out the most, so they will need a lot of attention and detail.

All the props are accessible, I need to think about the shop logo and brand to create a real feeling world. Essential props include Bryon’s mop, first aid kit, Jane’s mirror, items to trash store with.



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